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Different Types of Beverage Glasses

Keeping different types of beverage glasses in your home ensures you have the perfect glass for every occasion. You can get by with just one type of glass if necessary, but many glasses are created to make a beverage look and taste its best. The most important beverage glasses are drinking, beer and wine glasses.

Basic drinking glasses

Most drinking glasses come in 8-ounce, 10-ounce and 16-ounce sizes. These glasses are perfect for holding water, milk or juice. Short and narrow glasses are typically used for juice, while wider glasses are best for water. You can pick plain glasses, or choose ones with prints on them for added fun.

The best beer glasses

Having some glasses especially made for beer is very important, because the shape of the glass effects how much foam is produced. The most common beer glass is a 16- or 20-ounce tumbler that is cylindrical in shape. Almost any beer is okay in this glass, which makes it extremely versatile. A beer stein is another great glass choice, which typically have handles and go great with German beers. Pint glasses are excellent when you want to pour a pint, especially if you have access to a keg or beer on tap.

The best wine glasses

Wine glasses feature long stems for you to hold, which ensures that you do not warm the wine with your hands. The bowl of the glass helps circulate the air, which enhances the taste. Typically, larger bowled glasses are for red wines, as they benefit more from air circulation. Champagne works best in flutes, because they give the bubbles plenty of room to rise.

Having a variety of beverage glasses in your home helps you always serve the best beverage. Along with drinking, beer and wine glasses, you can add specialty glasses such as shot glasses for other occasions. These glasses are sure to complete your bar and are suitable for every drink you need.